Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower companies to open new strategic capabilities and lower cost using innovative solutions.

The Team

The founders of Axlacor are specialists in their particular fields. Michael Kunstel, the CEO profits from over 14 years of experience in a wide number of various banking systems and financial products. His most recent post was Director of Global Analytics IT in a major Swiss bank.

The founding partner and head of administration, Cannelle Kunstel has proficient experience in company finance, HR Management, Sales, Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management.

Other Axlacor team members are proficient and experienced in various domains within the FINTEC, Marketing, Brand Management, Sales and IT sectors.

Quant IT

Pre-trade and post-trade analytics systems

Algotrading and market making systems

Equity, bonds, options, FX

Global FX options risk systems

Exchange connectivity and pricing

Market data

Attribute exchange

Order and trade system unification